Lesson #9: Solve People's Problems

#009: Solve people’s problems.

Intuit founder and self-made billionaire Scott Cook explains the best way to come up with a business idea: Rather than trying to predict the future, you should find out where the “pain” is today. If it’s something important and people are struggling with it – whether it’s in their life or business – and you can solve it, they’re going to be pretty happy.
He says it’s a pretty simple rubric. Find a big problem that hasn’t been solved yet. And then bring together a solution where you think you can build a durable advantage.


What are your pain points? Are current solutions in the market not adequate for solving your problem? Can you find a better way to solve it? Chances are whatever pain you’re experiencing is shared among thousands of people. Once you find a solution, will you be able to build a durable advantage?

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