Lesson #16 Hire Your Weaknesses

I recently wrote a book, 26 Lessons From Legendary Self-Made Billionaires. I’m sharing a few of the lessons here.

Lesson #16: Hire your weaknesses.

When you start out as an entrepreneur you're every department in the company. Self-made billionaire Sara Blakely, founder of Spanx, was the packer, the shipper, the head of sales, you name it. She was even her own butt model. She literally took a picture of her butt and took it to Kinkos where she laminated it. A before and after picture. One without and one with Spanx.

She learned very quickly what she was good at, what she enjoyed, and what she wasn't very good at and didn't really enjoy. There's a correlation between the two and Sara advises hiring your weaknesses as soon as you can afford to.

A few years in Sara realized she need to stay inventing, selling, and promoting. She needed someone to run the company so she hired a co-CEO to start with. Her co-CEO became the full-time CEO for about 12 years before Sara decided to step back in a few years ago.


In the beginning, you're probably going to have to do it all yourself. Many of the things you don't enjoy doing are going to stress you out, or not get done properly. Once you have the money, take Sara's advice and hire folks to do those things.

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