Lesson 4: Be Curious

I recently wrote a book, 26 Lessons From Legendary Self-Made Billionaires. I’m sharing a few of the lessons here.

Billionaire Eric Schmidt says curiosity is a pretty good predictor of success. And self-made billionaire Bill Gates notes both he and fellow self-made billionaire Warren Buffett share a curiosity about the world. 

Both are driven by their inherent curiosity

In a 2017 AMA on Reddit, Bill said curiosity was an amazing thing. Trying to predict what’s going to happen, and then, when it doesn’t happen, ask yourself what about my model of the world is wrong? Who could I talk to? What could I read? 

Warren points out curiosity is the most important quality both he and Bill share. He says they both find the world so interesting, they often like to compare notes. You’ll find curiosity is a common trait among nearly all self-made billionaires.


The ability to challenge or question commonly held beliefs is key. Also, the ability to grow. While most of us spend time complaining about problems, self-made billionaires see them as challenges; and then go to work solving those problems. 

Harnessing the power of curiosity doesn’t have to cost much either. It can start on Twitter, or YouTube, or at your local library. It doesn’t require a big investment to start harvesting the rewards of curiosity.

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