How do I Collaborate with Others

In a discussion at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business, Apple CEO Tim Cook spoke about the three keys to leadership; people, strategy, and execution.

In terms of fostering effective collaboration, Cook says look for people who really don’t care who get’s the credit and can privately celebrate achievements. They don’t care if their name is in lights. He says look for wicked smart people who appreciate different points of view. People who care enough when they have an idea at 11:00 at night, they’ll want to call and talk about it because they’re so excited about it, and want push the idea further. He says find people who believe someone else can help them push the idea forward without having to do everything themselves.

Cook says he’s personally never met anyone who could do something ‘so incredible’ by themselves. He says you want people collaborating in such a way you can produce things that can’t be produced otherwise. That’s when the magic happens. You can view his full comments here.