New Release! The Last Mile Diet (eBook)

Paleo schmaleo. Keto schmeto. The Last Mile Diet is a blueprint for losing those last elusive, stubborn, five to ten pounds. 

Nowadays, anybody with a computer who's lost a few pounds can turn out an eBook and make a few bucks. Let's hope the trend continues. It'd be a real blow if it suddenly changed now. Because I've shown here in this brief tome what worked for me. 
Three programs to choose from. Choose one, combine two; or use all three. 
You probably noticed this eBook is a little light on pages (pun intended). That's because it's not stuffed full (pun intended) with useless suggested breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus. If you are currently obese, these three programs are not for you. However, if like me, you've been struggling to lose those last five to ten pounds, buy the eBook. I'll show you the way.  
You’re probably thinking this ultra-short eBook could have been laid out more easily in a blog post. I don’t disagree. I put it in eBook form and charged you for it for two reasons. 1. If it were free in a blog post, you wouldn’t do it. 2. People place more value on things they pay for. The more they pay, the more they value it as well.
I felt the price of an average coffee from a national chain was a fair price to pay for the information on how to lose those last stubborn five to ten pounds. I think you’ll agree.

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