Your Life Portfolio

In a 2015 commencement speech Matthew McConaughey gave at the University of Houston, he laid out some of his personal rules for success. I guess you could also call them his "values"?

Matthew said; "How do I define success? For me, it’s a measurement of five things — fatherhood, being a good husband, health, career, friendships. These are what’s important to me in my life. So, I try to measure these five each day, check in with them, see whether or not I’m in the debit or the credit section with each one. Am I in the red or in the black with each of them?"

It seems like a pretty good template to me. I've aligned mine as follows: Marriage, Parenting, Health, Career, Business, Travel, Friendships. If you check in on your life portfolio as often as you check in on the values you've identified for yourself, it'll become easier to make those adjustments and allocate your time and attention accordingly.