The Old Man and the Sea

Ok, so maybe Caspar Craven isn’t that old. I recently watched him give an interview on Impact Theory and thought I’d highlight some things that stood out. Caspar is a successful entrepreneur who took two years off to sail around the world with his wife and three children. He then wrote a book about the experience called “Where the Magic Happens”. A lot of the lessons he cites are applicable to both private and business life.

There’s a famous formula written as E+R=O. E is the event, R is your reaction, and O is the outcome. The variable here is R. Your reaction. And it’s the only thing that matters. Whatever comes up in life or in business, and thing will, your reaction dictates the outcome. 

When someone criticizes you, the first instinct is to push back. When you do, you usually just end up with an argument and nobody wins. Most criticism is only opinion, not fact. Sometimes criticism does come from a place of envy, though often the criticism of your plan or idea comes from concern. While coming across as a Negative Nelly, the other party may be genuinely concerned. View the interaction in this light, and remember most of the concerns raised are opinions and not facts. This will allow you to avoid a lot of needless arguments and bickering.

Once you’ve made a decision, pursue it with relentless action. You know where you’re going. It’s locked in. Try something, and if that doesn’t work, try something else. And if that doesn’t work try something else. You’ve already said it’s going to happen come hell or high water. If it’s something you really want, you’re going to find a way, or your going to find an excuse. Those are the only two options.

The ability to lead and build strong teams comes from having a clear vision of where you’re going. Make it work is about relentless action; and you keep going until you find a way. It’s not about waiting for “perfect”. Perfection is a dangerous concept. A lot of people will wait until everything is perfect before moving forward. Consequently, they end up accomplishing nothing. They’re waiting for perfect; it doesn’t exist.

Theres value in celebrating small victories i. This concept is often overlooked in business and life. Create the winning habit of celebrating small victories wherever you find them. Small victories often lead to big victories.